This site was born out of conversations by two American cricket fans who, due to their ancestry, became supporters of the Bangladesh Tigers. Most cricket observers would agree that humor is necessary to the continued health and sanity of Bangladesh fans. We can’t fully agree whether this is a site where we write sports, we write satire, or we write sports satire. What we will always aspire to write, though, is a site that we (and you) will want to share with a friend and a fellow cricket fan.

What is a Double Innings Victory? Read here.

Your Humble Writers

Asaad grew up obsessively following sports; at various times he has been a diehard supporter of the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Vancouver Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, and Tennessee Titans. He now gets his fix from watching Bangladesh get hammered into submission, while exulting in the occasional burst of brilliance that delivers a Tiger victory. His apathy towards academics is in stark contrast to his co-author (a PhD by age 24) and thus he seems to be a perennial student, although one might be justified in wondering whether he studies Gray’s Anatomy with the same alacrity as he peruses the Cricinfo statsguru tool. Asaad has a fetish for tall pace bowlers hitting the 140 km/h mark and women with succulent derrieres, and a knack for transforming almost anything into an Excel spreadsheet. He also does one hell of a Charlie Murphy impression. Asaad writes about Islam and justice on his own blog here.

Saad grew up watching the India-Pakistan rivalry of the 1990s – bringing to mind names like Tendulkar, Kambli and Kumble, Inzamam, and the two Ws. From 1998 onward, his sports love has been for the Florida Gators football and basketball teams, a journey of fandom highlighted by getting to attend the NCAA Final Four championship win over UCLA in 2006. (And of course, the small matter of getting to watch Chris Leak, Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and the rest bring home two BCS football titles.) His interest in Bangladesh cricket sprouted alongside his discovery of the Cricinfo site before the 2005 tour of England. Saad writes other stories here.